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Chimney Coating

Fireplace Heat Efficiency with Dynacote

Imagine someone telling you that a thin film could be sprayed like a coat of paint onto virtually any type of substrate and yield amazing results. Imagine someone telling you they could improve the efficiency of a fireplace by increasing radiant heat up to 30%. Imagine someone telling you that a fireplace screen that normally blocks 14% of the heat to the room could actually improve fireplace performance! What if, at the same time, heat transfer could be reduced to the areas where you do not want it? Add to this the ability to greatly improve acid and abrasion resistance, therefore eliminating the need for expensive alloys in the ever rising steel market and you would probably think that this person was dreaming.

Well, guess what? This technology is a reality and is now available to our industry!

In 1994, NASA patented Protective Coating for Ceramic materials (PCC). This high emissivity coating was developed to be used as part of the heat shield for the next generation of Space Vehicles, the X-33 and X-34. Wessex Incorporated of Blacksburg, VA obtained an exclusive license for PCC excluding aerospace applications and went on to develop Emisshield Coatings. Ventech Industries of Eliot, Maine has teamed with Wessex Inc to form Dynacote LCC and bring the Emisshield Coatings to the fireplace, chimney, barbeque, stove, and accessory markets.

Emisshield Coatings are able to offer their many benefits because they are high emissivity nanoparticle ceramic coatings; improving the transfer of radiant heat. Dr. John Olver was quoted as saying this product showed promise for "any application where heat, wear and thermal degradation are factors." He went on to say that after 10 years of testing and refining this product, the potential is endless.